We offer regular opportunities for our members to come together to gain valuable skills, build relationships and discuss mutual opportunities at our events and workshops.

The Crew is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for our members. These can include Bootcamps, Mining camps, Paid pilot opportunities, Pitch practice, Pitch to customers and Pitch to investors.




These are intense modules designed to grow your business

You will take a deep dive into your business to find your strengths and weaknesses. Put a plan of action together and collaborate and work with others to find better ways of achieving growth.

We take you to real mining sites to get a first hand look at the complexity in mining. We introduce you to key stakeholders so you can hear about the challenges they face and how your startup might solve them.

Our clients are actively looking for solution and willing to pilot solution for a win-win outcome.

Have you ever pitched to someone and it sounded something like “it’s an Uber-AirBnB-Instagram for cats with blockchain and a viral marketing loop” only to have them stare back at you blankly? We fix that and give you the tools to practice and refine your pitch.

We have access to some of the largest mining companies in the world who are continually looking for better ways to reduce costs and risk while increasing profitability and safety. This will give you the opportunity to pitch to our real customers.

Rapidly growing startups often need an injection of capital to help them reach the next level of business. This will give you the opportunity to pitch to investors who are looking for high growth companies.