Do I have to be a mining startup or in the mining sector?
Nope. All you need is an idea or something in the pipeline that could be applied to the mining sector. A great example is, we’ve seen a startup focused on solving child care for parents which is also a great solution for the mining sector.
How are we different?
The Crew is 100% dedicated to helping start-ups, founders and aspiring entrepreneurs grow their business via the mining sector. We help you grow by connecting you to customers, investors, collaborators and industry stakeholders. Importantly, we believe each business is unique so we work with you from where you are at. We curate opportunities for you to learn, develop, test and grow your concept or business at your own pace.
Tell me more about pitching to real customers?
We have excellent relationships with $1B global mining companies. Many of them are facing challenges across a multitude of different business environments and actively looking for solutions. Do you have a technology or solution that could solve their problem?
What is "Ask Tres" and the online content?
Tres is our resident Innovation Manager. He is wise and (almost) all knowing. Having worked with over 200 start-ups so far, he will answer your startup questions and help you avoid common startup mistakes. In addition, The Crew provides you with a list of resources that we use to grow businesses which you can access 24/7. Got a question? Need some help? Just “Ask Tres”.
What does and doesn't the subscription price cover?
The subscription provides you access to different services and information on The Crew platform. There are additional costs associated with travel and accommodation to and from different locations i.e. mining hubs.
What are mining camps?
These are visits to mining sites to take a first hand look at the mining operations. It’s an opportunity to generate customer insights, co-develop and rapidly test your concept or business solution. It’s an opportunity to meet key stakeholders and find out what challenges they face and how your startup could be the solution they’re looking for.
I need help. Tell me more about your 1:1 coaching?

As part of your subscruption, we offer a 1:1 coaching session with you to look at your business, create an action plan, execute the plan, and hold you accountable for the deliverables.

How do I fast track my startup into the Mining Leaders Accelerator?
Our Mining Leaders Accelerator program is pretty awesome. We take a handful of startups each cohort and globalise them in 6 months via the mining sector. We look for great teams, with great ideas, and perhaps one or two runs on the board. If you’re not there yet, then The Crew can help you get there… fast.
How many events do you run?
Loads and often! We have pitching to investors, pitching to customers, pitch practice nights, mining camp visits, and 1 day bootcamps. We hold these on a regular schedule because we know not everyone can make certain times and dates. If you think we should add different types of events, let us know and we’ll be happy to consider it. Check out our events page for up-coming dates.
Does it matter where I'm based?
Nope. We live in a digital world where people from all over the world are connected via all kinds of technologies. You need to get comfortable pitching in every environment, including online.
Why are you subscription based?
We know that building a business takes time and money. We want to give you access to the talent, resources and high impact opportunities that will help you succeed at a price that won’t kill your startup. We also want you around for a long time. When things go well, we want to invest in your company. We only do that once we have built a strong relationship with you.
What's pitching to investors all about?
Sometimes startups need money to facilitate rapid growth, complete R&D, develop a new product, or something similar. We help you pitch to different types of investors that will help you at each step of your startup’s growth cycle.
Tell me more about pitch practice?
You need to get good at pitching your idea, product, or service to different people in different situations. You never know when you’ll need to bust out your pitch deck and sell your idea. Will you be ready when the time comes? We’ll make sure you are.
Who are your mentors?
Our mentors need to meet certain criteria. They need to have global experience, business acumen. In addition, some are senior leaders within the mining sector so can open doors to the people you need.
What are regular bootcamps?
Our bootcamps are a one day intensive workshop that goes through a health check of your business to highlight key strengths, weaknesses and priorities to help you focus on cash flow and growing your business. We know everyone’s busy so we hold these regularly so everyone has the opportunity to attend.
What are the paid pilot opportunities?
It’s best to give you a real example. We have a client that has significant resource constraints and needs to unlock value in their operation. They are looking to leverage technological solutions to assist with reducing these constraints and mitigating some of the risk associated with operating in an uncertain environment. They are actively looking for solutions. If your startup fits the bill, they’d be willing to pilot your solution for a win-win outcome.
Who are the clients we pitch to?
Part of our business is consulting to mining companies and training their senior leadership teams. We have access to 50 mining companies, of which more than 25 are $1B+ companies.
Why the mining sector?
Ten years ago, the banking sector, thought by many, to be a safe place due to its high regulatory environment and barriers to entry has seen massive disruption by FinTech companies. The mining sector is now, where the banking sector was 10 years ago.  However, the mining sector is actively seeking, testing and investing in new technology and operating solutions to transform their business. It’s a great time to bring innovative solutions to mining.
What is Vibranium?
Vibranium is a fictional metal that exists in the Marvel universe. It has the ability to absorb, store, and release kinetic energy in a controlled way. Most notably, Captain America’s shield and Black Panther’s suit are made out of Vibranium. Like Captain America and Black Panther, when you get your hands on Vibranium, you’re going to smash out some serious super hero results.

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